Hoods #1 Kick-off

Hoods #1 Kick-off

April 26 6:30pm


*Members only - by invitation



Is Hoods for you?


Startup Asia Women created Hoods to empower a deeper engagement between her members so that women founders or founders-to-be may work with like-minded women in one of 5 chosen areas for 3 months. The first program will kick off April 26 6:30 to 9:30 with an event that involves


• Pitch of selected startups

• Experts feedback on pitch

• Members pick an area of focus and team

• Team scopes objectives and work plan for 3 months


During the 3 months after the event, team will meet in person or virtually to deliver to their objectives. Monthly team leaders will gather to share across the 5 focus areas and share it back to their team members. Final output from all hoods at the end of 3 months will be consolidated and posted within the group as well as shared to the next Hoods program cycle commencing July 14.


During the kick-off event and throughout the 3 months, experts will be called upon to consult for each Hood should the need arise. Service providers to startups are also invited to mentor, support or even join one of the hoods and is not gender specific.


In addition, all Hood members will join a closed group on Facebook to share resources and tips.

Dont go it alone, join a Hood to achieve greater success and growth. To apply,






P.S. Filling up the form does not mean you are automatically accepted in the Hood program.

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