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Is Hoods for me?

Startup Asia Women created Hoods to empower a deeper engagement between her members so that women founders or founders-to-be may work and share with each other in one of 4 chosen focus areas.

You will find Hoods useful if you can identify with one of the following:

  • I have started my startup for more than a year and am not gaining traction
  • I am looking for a co-founder / I am working solo and have not formed a team
  • I have a compelling idea I would like to validate
  • I need help in one or more vertical areas eg. fundraising, tech devt, digital marketing, operations, selling
  • I would like to pivot but don’t know how
  • I am a startup service provider and would like to contribute


How does Hoods work?

Each Hood cycle last for 3 months and begins with a kick-off event. Each kick-off event involves 2 parts


Part 1 - Pitching by selected startups (for feedback purposes) & Experts and Hood members feedback on pitch

Part 2 - Members pick an area of focus, picks a team leader, get to know team members, discusses scope and desired outcome.


Over 3 months, team will meet in person or virtually to deliver to their objectives. Team leaders of all hoods will gather to share across the 4 focus areas and share it back to their team members. Final output from all hoods at the end of 3 months will be consolidated and posted within the group as well as shared to the next Hoods program cycle.


How will Hoods benefit me?

  • You have a team sharing your vision and needs
  • Divide and conquer with team so that you can give as well as receive support
  • You are in a closed facebook group where you can reach beyond your own hood
  • Team leaders share learnings from other hoods
  • Work towards results driven outcome
  • Access to experts through SAW’s setup


Do I need to pay to join the Hoods?

It is only S$30 per Hood cycle; not including kick off event ticket.


How do I apply?

When will Hoods #1 commence?

1st Kick off

April 26, 6:30pm

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